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Print Theme for Tumblr

Print Theme for Tumblr blogging platform

Print Theme is my first publicly released theme for the Tumblr platform. It draws its inspiration from the CMYK colour blocks you see at the edge of printed material. I thought it would appeal to the creative bias of Tumblr users, with a graphical style I had not seen on other themes.

I noticed that many Tumblr themes sacrificed quality markup and accessibility for presentation. To ensure the best experince for all users I included HTML5 semantic markup, accessibility, international language support (and backwards compatibility to older browsers) while putting the content first and allowing theme customisation.

Theme Features

  • HTML5 semantic markup
  • Typographic grid
  • Custom CSS support
  • Multi-language support
  • @media queries to handle print styles

The theme achieved 200+ installs within its first available and peaked at 450+ installs.

For more info about the themes features and customisation options available, see my Print Theme page for more details. I also posted a follow-up of the theme progress and the lessons learned during its development, submission and release. All Print Theme posts are tagged #printtheme.

Print Theme can be found on the Tumblr Theme Garden.

Update: I have migrated from Tumblr to a WordPress.com blog of the same username.