Web designer + front-end developer with experience in high-traffic ecommerce sites for some well known brands.


blackandwhitesquares.com website

If it’s black, white and square-like it has a place here.

In 2009 I launched blackandwhitesquares.com - a site dedicated to QR (Quick Response) and 2D barcodes - showing the best of what they can do.

Two posts featured under Tumblr’s very popular and curated #tech tag, generating great traffic and quadrupling follower count.

B&WS content grew to 450+ posts before I archived the site in 2017.

The site was also a usefull testbed for SEO techniques, experience copywriting, producing and sourcing content around marketing, business and technology.

B&WS was built using a custom designed, self-built theme, on the Tumblr platform.

Visit blackandwhitesquares.com and see the result.