Web designer + front-end developer with experience in high-traffic ecommerce sites for some well known brands.

Paul Foster Résumé

In a four year professional career, I have worked for three household name e-commerce retailers in the retail and leisure markets and I am ready to take my career further with a fresh challenge.

I want to form a key part of a team and actively participate in moving a company forward through great creative, technical improvement and enhanced user experience.

Efficiency, clean semantic markup and accessibility are my benchmarks. I am a passionate enthusiast for new and disruptive technology and have a great interest in the mobile, social networking spaces and the direction the future web is taking.

Career Break - Personal Projects

paulfosterdesign.co.uk, blackandwhitesquares.com, Tumblr Print Theme

Thomas Cook - Web Designer 9 week contract role

thomascook.com, directholidays.co.uk, hotels4u.co.uk

  • Primary duties email marketing material for Cruise Thomas Cook.
  • Creation of merchandising material for the numerous Thomas Cook brands.
  • Troubleshooting cosmetic IE 6 (yes) specific issues with the Club 18-30 site after a recent redevelopment.

GAME Group - Online Designer 14 months

game.co.uk, gamestation.co.uk, gameplay.co.uk

  • Duties included email marketing, landing pages, weekly re-merchandising of the GAME.co.uk site.
  • Tasking and coordinating assistant designers with feature creative for weekly newsletter, based around merchandising commitments.
  • Revamp of the customer communication templates for Game, Gamestation and Gameplay brands.
  • Creation of affiliate banner templates and digital merchandising for PPC campaigns.

Ideal Shopping Direct - Web Designer 29 months

idealworld.tv, createandcraft.com

  • Present through two major site redesigns involving the creation of page templates, design and mockup of basket and checkout process, working with development team, user acceptance testing (UAT).
  • Creation of web advertising for events and promotions. Generation of high distribution email shots and relevant landing pages, microsites, competition pages, customer buying guides and direct mail.
  • Older audience required a very accessible approach to design, markup and page weight.


BA (Hons) Product Design 2:1

University of Wales Institute Cardiff (now Cardiff Metropolitan University)

  • LEDFin, an LED desk lamp: Second Place, UK Student Lighting Design Competition and Finalist, Lights of the Future Competition in Frankfurt
  • Exhibited at New Designers Exhibition, Business Design Centre, London

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