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Year Review 2021

Twenty twenty-one has come and gone. So lets see what I got done!

PFD Site

I spent a lot of time refining the site - then contradicting that by trying out some of the new advances in the web:


  • Re-write of most of my work pages to add more detail.
  • Condensed email marketing to a single page.
  • CSS refinements across the site.


  • Container queries
  • CSS logical properties
  • Adding IndieWeb features
  • Creating my own font based on my logo! Its not quite finished yet.

I didn’t write much this year. I was behind the scenes tinkering with the site and working on some other projects.

PFD Blog

  • In HTML Memory Tested I wrote about the response to my HTML Elements Memory Test and some of the many places it featured. Achieved a personal goal, to feature in a newsletter I subscribe to.
  • Chicken Swing Dynamic, an interactive version of Chicken Swing with the Web Animations API to dynamically control the level of swing via an input slider.
  • Indieweb Included about the IndieWeb features I have included in the site and what that enables.


  • reToothbrush - An app I built for myself to keep track of when I need to change to a new toothbrush. Its been quietly live a while but waiting on the scheduled notification API.


Thanks for reading. Stay safe out there.


Year Review 2021’ published by Paul Foster (www.paulfosterdesign.co.uk), a web designer / front-end developer, based in Cambridgeshire, UK.