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Year Review 2020

With my portfolio redesign live, some weight was lifted. I had a productive start to the year before, well before you know, the pandemic. I focused on improving my portfolio, some JS-focused CodePen projects and writing.


  • Worked mainly on my portfolio after its redesign. It was in a ‘minimum viable product’ state. I polished, improved and refactored during the year.
  • Cut my own hair for the first time. It does not look good.
  • I’m offically a GitHub Arctic Code Vault Contributor thanks to Kirby Text plugin and other open source project contributions. So one thousand years from now, if you are still running Kirby v2 (rather than v200+ by then), you will still be able to embed CodePen demos!


  • Portfolio Redesign 2020! The design, code and platform choices I made.
  • Explaining Print Theme Customiser, an interactive CodePen I created last year, which customises Print Theme via CSS custom properties.
  • Colordinates Turns 5. Looking back at my geolocation-based colour app.
  • On Colordinates anniversary, I took another look at the app in Colordinates Redesign. How I would design and code the app today.
  • Forgot to write a more timely post about my 404 page, so I created a page to highlight the design and the websites my 404 has featured on.
  • I created HTML Memory Test after being reminded how many HTML tags exist.


That was my 2020. Stay safe.

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Year Review 2020’ published by Paul Foster (www.paulfosterdesign.co.uk), a web designer / front-end developer, based in Cambridgeshire, UK.