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Year Review 2019

Well, it’s the end of another year. Another new look and a look back!


The site redesign took up a lot of time and pacing about. It was the main focus of the year.

  • Notice anything different? Redesigning paulfosterdesign took a large portion of my time! There will be a write-up post in the new year, detailing the redesign.
  • Continued pushing updates to Colordinates app to improve accessibility.
  • Colordinates also features on weshareapps.com and elsewhere I found Colordinates for sale at €0.99. The ultimate outcome of releasing free stuff online - someone else charging for it.
  • Passed the reins and let Kirby CodePen plugin pass to someone on the Kirby team for Kirby v3.
  • Just for fun, I rewrote my JS amends to blackandwhitesquares.com as jQuery (yes) and realised how much I had forgotten. It’s more authentic to how I would have done it at the time. I was surprised once again, how concise it is to write.


I didn’t create anything for CodePen this year. I got sidetracked learning web components and hope to have a few example demos next year.

Check out my CodePen profile too for my latest demos.


My redesign took a lot of time designing and coding was a long enough look at my content. I didn’t get to writing much.

  • Colordinates App A11Y, an in-depth post detailing the the accessibility (A11Y) considerations I made and improved, in the app.

On my personal blog

I have a personal blog at paulfosterdesign.wordpress.com

  • My reaction to Automatic Acquires Tumblr and how WordPress and Tumblr may work together.
  • I watch a lot of presentations/talks from conferences about web development. I see the same niggly mistakes in presentations so I wrote Presentation Pointers to help avoid them.

Thanks for reading

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