Year Review 2018


2018 was truly the year ‘Dark Mode’ was enabled. MacOS, Android, Windows and services-galore, all enabled ‘dark mode’ colour schemes. Are people working later?


I had my own dark mode of a year and quietly got on with learning some more. The learning list never seems to shrink. I added and crossed off more skills than ever previously.

JavaScript has been all consuming as usual this year, with the move to a ‘serverless’ and component way of working, plus CSS-in-JS too! I tried Vue and Web Components - adapting to this new approach.

This year I focused on and felt I improved my JavaScript ES6 skills by converting my current projects JS and working on future projects.


There are projects waiting in the shadows. They need pushing out into the light!


This year was more about learning and less about writing. I still enjoy writing, but at this stage it makes sense to focus time elsewhere. Heres what I did jot down!

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Thanks for reading!

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