Web designer + front-end developer with experience in high-traffic ecommerce sites for some well known brands.

Year Review 2017

I had a little less screen-time this year. The web felt a little less open and web-like. I didn’t feel the motivation to create or post as often.

Content takes time to put together and it has become a little frustrating that algorithms are now firmly in the middle, deciding to show content that I have shared and made available. The non-chronological feed is a lottery. If you are reading this, you made it, thank you. Read on…

2017s Output


Side Projects


  • With people relying on browsers ‘Reader View’ to get the content they want, faster and without distractions, is a Read Only Web ahead?
  • Posted about Lite Club, and the new trend of companies offering light-weight versions of their services.
  • Wrote some impromptu posts participating in the WordPress.com Daily Inspiration post. Plus other personal posts.


This year was expended effort behind the scenes. Site migrations and archiving, learning an updated modern Javascript ES6 and new layout method with CSS Grid etc.

With the extra time, I was designing, coding and learning. I have a list of web technologies I need to take on, and I ticked a lot more from my list than ever. Next year I aim to release some new projects and have more things people will get to see and use. See you in 2018!

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