A year in review: paulfosterdesign.co.uk


My portfolio site which went live in its current guise start of January 2012, is still always a work in progress and due to the iterative nature of the web is always being tweaked and improved. Time doesn’t stand still for your website, even though a site may appear the same, a lot goes on underneath the surface.

This year I made a concerted effort to improve my sites speed and efficiency.

Now with all the fat trimmed and a design that doesn’t keep me awake at night - in typical designer fashion - a new portfolio site is already past the concept stage and shall be appearing in the new year.

Anything else this year?

I continued with updates for Print Theme, my Tumblr theme in the Tumblr theme garden.

I also joined CodePen, a site to post code demos, where I had moderate success with ‘Much Content’ and my CSS 1K entry which ‘became a thing’.

During the holidays I just released ‘Pi Prompts’ a crib sheet of basic Pi commands.

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