Show your working


Whenever I am creating or reflecting on creative work I have completed I always keep this phrase in mind from the book Rework by Basecamp (previously 37signals), which states:

When you make something you make something else.

Judging by the increasing podcasts, blog posts and web design books published now, others, whether they know it or not are acting on this too. This phrase is what my blog is!

My working

I was messing around with some new button styles for my site. I had a little collection going and I thought to myself why not put these on CodePen? I added it to my profile thinking a few people will see it. It shows I am continually experimenting and that its what I like to do.

It feels strange revealing creative and code that is incomplete and in the initial stages, but others are interested in the ideas and the execution.

Showing worked out for me

Chris Coyier, co-founder of, added it to his popular collection ‘The Fanciest of All Buttons’, where it will now get seen by many others. At the time of writing it has 50+ views and 4 hearts.

That experimentation, lead to creative work to show, which lead to exposure, which lead to this post, which will lead to more connections and content. All from tinkering around around with a couple of alternative button styles that in the past would be consigned to folders on my hard drive, where even I may never have looked at them again.

You have to launch to get something in front of people and see what happens. With that in mind, back to my next project.

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