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Print Theme Customiser

Print Theme Customiser

This project began as a static recreation of Print Theme, my CMYK custom theme for Tumblr.

I used to use Print Theme on my personal blog on Tumblr but have since moved to WordPress, so there was no live theme demo. The Print Theme source code is on GitHub but doesn’t output clean HTML due to the Tumblr template tags included. I wanted to show how the theme originally looked.

While replacing the original template variables with CSS variables, I realised I could add in the customisation options present in the original theme, allowing it to be dynamically styled.

Theme Customisations Available

  • Toggle theme width
  • Toggle avatar shape between square/circle
  • Hide avatar
  • Pick the colour of theme background, body and links colours

View the full Print Theme Customisation demo over on CodePen and customise the theme.

It’s a large demo suited to desktop size (the theme is not responsive design, Tumblr provided the mobile view at the time). The control panel is styled to emulate the original Tumblr dashboard customiser.