New Site Redesign


Thats right a nice and new shiny site, complete with blog! So let's break this blog thing into its new home and explain myself...

What's changed in the redesign?

A welcome injection of colour and a much bolder approach then previously, to meet the trend for larger and high resolution displays. I tried to embrace flat design and let my work and the content provide the focus.

I have paired down my work from maybe a dozen pieces spread across three hardcoded categories: web, graphic, product, to just eight pieces of a mix my best stuff. This enables a much more focused sample of my professional work you can experience more simply. More casual pieces from my Tumblog have been brought under one domain. See other previous posts.

Typography is important particularly with the introduction of a blog to proceedings, a more casual sans-serif font - a mix of Geneva and Tahoma - has been chosen along with a strict vertical rhythm to make the site more comfortable to read on any screen.

I kept the left nav, right content arrangement of previous layouts, I felt my mix of work - plus with the blog coming - articles, would keep the balance best and retain the navigation.

The site is now responsive and built with a mobile first principle, so users should only download enough to get the best experience and no more.

Why change to Kirby CMS?

I enjoy using WordPress, I've been through two site overhauls with it now since WordPress v2.7. It was time for a change.

It seems I am not the only one, I got a subtle sense perhaps from the rise of GitHub and Jekyll, more recently there have been a lot of blog posts proclaiming 2014 to be the year of the flat file CMS. I suddenly feel less of a maverick.

Whats ahead?

The site will remain a work in progress, it's easy with a new design and platform to explore the limits straightaway - I tried hard to focus myself and launch with a minimal-ish viable product - I shall be tweaking elements in the background and adding further features for a while to come.

I shall be resuming my CodePen demos and writing some more posts. Famous last words from so many blogs.

Hope you enjoying reading.

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