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A place for new projects, code demos and general webby musings to appear for you to read.

Animation Inspiration

In mobile and touch devices, animation has been gradually becoming more and more prominent to enhance the experience. Users are experienced with smartphone and digital interfaces. We have lost the skeumorphic need to relate back to physical objects, indeed iOS7 took away a little too much.

Show your working

Whenever I am creating or reflecting on creative work I have completed I always keep this phrase in mind from the book Rework by Basecamp (previously 37signals), which states:

Early Days

I was thinking of topics for blog posts as right now I am in the middle of a couple of things. One I hope to be debuting on here very soon. But I realised I wasn’t living up to the promise I left off on in my first post. Turns out blog writing doesn’t just happen.

New Site Redesign

Thats right a nice and new shiny site, complete with blog! So let’s break this blog thing into its new home and explain myself…

A year in review: paulfosterdesign.co.uk

My portfolio site which went live in its current guise start of January 2012, is still always a work in progress and due to the iterative nature of the web is always being tweaked and improved. Time doesn’t stand still for your website, even though a site may appear the same, a lot goes on underneath the surface.

Pi Prompts

Getting to grips with the Raspberry Pi over the holidays and found it quickly became tiresome to keep having to resort to Googling and flicking through a guide to find basic commands, then later on a scribbled piece of paper.

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