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User Testing the Local Council Website

This week I went along to test the upcoming website for Huntingdonshire District Council. I saw an ad in the local newspaper(yes) asking for testers and thought it would be interesting to experience the user testing process.

Action Button Intro Effect

With the release of Material Design Lite, an official framework smoothing the way for Material Design everywhere, it seemed like perfect timing to put this simple intro effect out there.

Embriage Ipsum

While watching the episode of BBC Top Gear where Jeremy and James are driving a vintage French car, I realised the badly translated instructions Jeremy was yelling from the manual would make a good Lorem Ipsum substitute.

CodePen Kirbytag for Kirby 2

I recently installed the overhauled Kirby 2 CMS to see whats new. The extension that previously allowed me to embed CodePen examples in my blog no longer functioned, so I created one based on Kirbytext Codepen by ClementRoy for Kirby 1.

Chicken Swing in CodePen Picked Pens

Chicken Swing SVG, an amusing animated SVG loader demo published yesterday on CodePen, has been selected for the Picked Pens section. The Picks section features on the homepage, giving Pens view count and heart appreciation a huge boost. Currently at the time of publishing 750+ views and 20+ hearts.

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