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Portfolio Redesign 2020

With my portfolio, my work needs to be the stand-out, everything else needs to get out of the way. I took this approach to the design, code and platform choice.

Year Review 2019

Well, it’s the end of another year. Another new look and a look back!

Colordinates App A11Y

I continue to update Colordinates from time to time as part of my side project learning to improve my knowledge and coding.

Year Review 2018

2018 was truly the year ‘Dark Mode’ was enabled. MacOS, Android, Windows and services-galore, all enabled ‘dark mode’ colour schemes. Are people working later?

Mobile Browser Choice Revisited

Since my previous Mobile Browser Choice(March 2016) article, there have been some developments in the mobile browser space which makes the choice of mobile OS a little less of a hurdle.

Year Review 2017

I had a little less screen-time this year. The web felt a little less open and web-like. I didn’t feel the motivation to create or post as often.

Read Only Web

Are we moving to a text-only reading view experience of the web?

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