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A place for new projects, code demos and general webby musings to appear for you to read.

Side Project Learning

Side projects are a great opportunity to focus on something specific and learn some things at the same time. Each project had different deliverables and things I wanted to learn. This is my experience and what I learned from each side project.

Semantically Integrated CSS

A recent A List Apart article Meaningful CSS: Style Like You Mean It, by Tim Baxter has caused a lot of furious posts in the frontend community. Personally, I think the subtext of the article is a response to class-happy and div-tastic reinvention of the wheel using non-semantic markup, rather than a call to abandon current CSS approaches that its been taken as.

Agony of Mobile Browser Choice

I have a dilemma coming. Its the classic native vs web argument but with a new slant. That old argument was always phrased hypothetically pitching a generic phone platform versus a non-specific browser. Reality is not that simple.

Flexbox Film Credits

I saw a lot of classic films over the Christmas break. As the credits were rolling for yet another classic, I looked at the dotted divider between film character and actor and something in my brain said ‘flexbox’, and this is what happened.

CodePen Kirbytag Update

The CodePen Kirbytag extension allows Kirby CMS powered sites to embed Pen demos easily via the Kirbytext syntax. This is a quick update about some recent improvements.

Lightening the Load

So my sites been through a mild overhaul recently behind the scenes. Hopefully you experienced it in an even briefer gap while the page loaded.

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