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A place for new projects, code demos and general webby musings to appear for you to read.

Read Only Web

Are we moving to a text-only reading view experience of the web?

PWA Directory Includes Colordinates

My web app, Colordinates, an app that displays a colour value based on your geolocation, has been included in the PWA (Progressive Web App) Directory.

Year Review 2016

Theres a lot I wish I could undo about 2016… I’m not sure anyone had a great year. I persisted and managed to get quite a lot done. Here’s what I wouldn’t undo.

Side Project Learning

Side projects are a great opportunity to focus on something specific and learn some things at the same time. Each project had different deliverables and things I wanted to learn. This is my experience and what I learned from each side project.

Semantically Integrated CSS

A recent A List Apart article Meaningful CSS: Style Like You Mean It, by Tim Baxter has caused a lot of furious posts in the frontend community. Personally, I think the subtext of the article is a response to class-happy and div-tastic reinvention of the wheel using non-semantic markup, rather than a call to abandon current CSS approaches that its been taken as.

Agony of Mobile Browser Choice

I have a dilemma coming. Its the classic native vs web argument but with a new slant. That old argument was always phrased hypothetically pitching a generic phone platform versus a non-specific browser. Reality is not that simple.

Flexbox Film Credits

I saw a lot of classic films over the Christmas break. As the credits were rolling for yet another classic, I looked at the dotted divider between film character and actor and something in my brain said ‘flexbox’, and this is what happened.

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