Lightening the Load


So my sites been through a mild overhaul recently behind the scenes. Hopefully you experienced it in an even briefer gap while the page loaded.

Speed was a goal from the start of the site in its current guise, flat design lends itself well to faster loading. I launched with a minimum viable site and have refined from there, but there were just a few areas I needed to finally finesse.

My recent page weight reduction began with revisiting my contact form and looking at lightweight plain-JS solutions to form validation. I realised the support for HTML5 validation is at a level where I could remove JS polyfills entirely and rely on browser validation. I wondered what other areas I could re-examine and make some further savings.

Whats changed?

So in my latest critical pass of my site, what savings was I able to make to speed the page load?

In this case it was mainly legacy code, the progress in browser support has made the reductions possible. However, it never hurts to revisit old code with some more knowledge and a fresh pair of eyes.

Code != Effort

It seems ridiculous, but I feel kind of self conscious of the fact that my code looks sparse and my page is not heaving with the latest frameworks and my JS looks simple. People equate presence of code with work done, rather than the effort taken to reduce it back to the essential, to keep revisiting and reimplementing. Less is more, but often a little more work.

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