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HTML Memory Tested

My little HTML test really took off on Twitter. Leslie Cohn-Wein (@lesliecdubs), whose tweet started all this, retweeted me to her enthusiastic followers. Next, Manuel Matuzović (@mmatuzo AKA @HTM_Hell), mentioned it and I think it grew from there.


It was unexpected seeing so many people sharing their scores and screen grabs of their ‘tags to recall’. I can see why people build games.

This was my favourite response (and good approach):

I started alphabetically, then randomly, then thematically, then desperately – Harry Roberts (@csswizardry)

The Pen has sailed into my top 3 popular pens on CodePen with 15,000+ views so far.


HTML Tags Recalled

Most pleasing, was the number of people mentioning discovering new HTML tags and elements they had forgotten or overlooked before. So the face-palming frustration of this game, may have some beneficial effect afterall.

It’s quite topical that HTML and it’s benefits be shown. There is a recent trend with some of the numerous JS frameworks and web components, where all markup is a <div> and we are losing any helpful semantics - a sentiment I saw in some of the tweets. Glad to help shining some light on HTML again.


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