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HTML Memory Test

This tweet passed by in my Twitter feed one day:

There are, like, 110 unique tags in HTML5. Do people seriously memorize them all? Because I haven’t. I wrote about some tactics to improve semantics, whether you’ve memorized all the tags or not - featuring my recent discovery: the <meter> element! – Leslie Cohn-Wein (@lesliecdubs)

I thought to myself, ‘That’s a lot to remember. I wonder if there’s a game that tests you?’

A web search and lack of a results later… HTML Elements Memory Test was created!

HTML elements to test you

See the Pen HTML Memory Test by Paul (@plfstr on CodePen.

The app is built with plain JavaScript, the recalled total counts down as you make your HTML element guesses, which join a list of correct answers.

The design is brutally styled using only named colours, to suit the bare HTML element, retro theme. It has a dark theme too, depending on your preference and how long it takes you to recall the elements!

To create the initial elements array, before I found a list of HTML elements, I tried to remember as many as I could. I made it to 74. If I took more time, perhaps 80–90. The more exotic table element tags, typography and embed tags, were the elements I had trouble recalling. I would be amazed if anyone could remember 100%.

It’s the time-sink 2020 needs.

HTML Elements Memory Test


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