Flexbox Film Credits


I saw a lot of classic films over the Christmas break. As the credits were rolling for yet another classic, I looked at the dotted divider between film character and actor and something in my brain said ‘flexbox’, and this is what happened.

An ideal layout for displaying cast and crew list beneath a video embed.

The layout does OK when viewed on smaller screen sizes, the actors wrap beneath their name. It’s a semantic list, so without styles it falls back to, character - actor. I’m a little disappointed by the level of markup required, I wish it were cleaner. A pseudo element would be ideal instead of the extra hyphen span. I also wish the box-decoration-break markup could be applied to wrap the dots across multiple lines when the lines break.

After my theory and the concept was proven to work, I thoroughly enjoyed adding the Hollywood look. It was a fine excuse to use some serif fonts.

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