The End of Fireworks CS


Surely you saw this coming?

I heard the rumours, but I was exhaling in relief, taking in the news of the launch of Adobe CC packages and working out how much I could get the latest Fireworks for per month, when I saw the first tweets come in about the announcement.

Now before you write me off as another jaded Fireworks fanboy, which maybe I am. I used to use and still do love Photoshop. It was one of the most used and most comfortable pieces of software I have ever used. I knew more keyboard shortcuts than I collectively know for any of my other software.

I even wrote about my experience with moving to Fireworks. Moving over hasn’t been straightforward and I haven’t attained the same oneness and flow that I had with Photoshop. But with that in mind, and this I do share this with the Fireworks evangelists, it was THE tool for web and ui design. Fireworks wins, not Photoshop, unquestionably for me.

I can see where they are coming from

I can see an argument from Adobes point of view in that they cant control the market and push or force designers to use Fireworks. Why would or should they? The market practically dictates that Photoshop is the tool for web designing. That remaining the case, I can see it makes no sense for them to continue to maintain two products with an overlap of feature, fighting for the same customer base.


If I were feeling cynical, and I am. It could be that Fireworks ability to cover many bases made it a target. It enabled easy wireframing, vector and limited bitmap editing, [basic] html and css output.

Adobe thou wants you on the highest tier they can push you to. Take away Fw and you have to start thinking about other specific packages to tackle those tasks. You now need the expensive tier for that.

There was a future where Adobe made THE ultimate web designers tool it may not even have been Fireworks - but evolved from it. Now its likely to be a collection of apps. I don't mind Creative Cloud, it's clearly the way forward. But this feels like it was a step backward.

So are you going back to Photoshop?

I still need to do some thinking, but I think Adobe would have to make Muse more Pro focused to give a Fireworks feel and I might be interested in that. I could go back to Photoshop I guess.

Sketch, by Bohemian Coding, is starting to look much more appealing too. I can adjust.

Goodbye Fireworks.

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