Embriage Ipsum


While watching the episode of BBC Top Gear where Jeremy and James are driving a vintage French car, I realised the badly translated instructions Jeremy was yelling from the manual would make a good Lorem Ipsum substitute.

Novelty Ipsum generators were a thing, so I had no trouble finding a JS generator. Then I set to work tracking down a clip of the particular sketch and breaking out the dialogue into an array. Here is the result.

Some Embriage


My focus then became making the typography reflect the subject material and time period, a great opportunity to use serif fonts.

Didiot and Bodoni are of the time and used for the body copy, I love the variation of stroke thickness. ‘Chau Philomene One’ font by Vicente Lamonaca, via Google Fonts is the heading. It‘s reminiscent to me of the historic motor car posters, heavy - almost hand painted - letter forms with a hint of a serif, to contrast the delicateness of the body copy.

I also got to use :first-letter styling to good effect and the repeating radial gradient give an aged paper effect which helped complete the correct look.

Embriage Ipsum was chosen for CodePens ‘Picks’ section, which is selected by the sites founders to highlight good or unusual examples of work.

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