When you accidentally start a thing


Less than a week ago I posted a demo CSS1K theme I had parked on my hard drive and posted it to CodePen where it would be right at home.

CSS1K was a web styling challenge from several years ago where you creatively style the instructional example page using 1 kilobyte of CSS or less.

I didn’t expect anything would come of it, just another piece to demo my skills. Then it got selected to for the ‘Picks’ section of the site and got a modest amount of views, likes and comments. Then as hoped, it inspired someone else to give it a go. When finally a CodePen blog post brought it to more peoples attention and encouraged others to take up the challenge. Some will probably groan ‘this again’, but css has progressed further and hopefully it inspires some really new solutions.

Maybe take a glance through those old demos and experiments you parked to one side. Never know what you might find.

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