PWA Directory Includes Colordinates


My web app, Colordinates, an app that displays a colour value based on your geolocation, has been included in the PWA (Progressive Web App) Directory.

I only added PWA compatibility as a test as part of my side project learning. The App Cache API is being depreciated in favour of Service Worker. The process I followed via the Service Worker Cookbook does not feel as as straight-forward as simple but flawed, App Cache!

Adding PWA support and getting a good Lighthouse (the PWA validator) score obviously paid off, I suspect it was included via the PWA tag on GitHub. I didn’t submit it as I felt the app might seem a little trivial to the projects purpose, but if people can learn from it then I’m good with that.

Glad there is this directory resource (and too) and more people are able to learn from or replace their current native apps with web based apps.

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