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Year Review 2021

Twenty twenty-one has come and gone. So lets see what I got done!

IndieWeb Included

In my 2017 year review, I expressed my frustration with content discovery via third-party sites.

Chicken Swing Dynamic

A fork of the original Chicken Swing, this pen uses the Web Animations API to allow dynamic updating of the animations keyframes via user input.

HTML Memory Tested

My little HTML test really took off on Twitter. Leslie Cohn-Wein (@lesliecdubs), whose tweet started all this, retweeted me to her enthusiastic followers. Next, Manuel Matuzovińá (@mmatuzo AKA @HTM_Hell), mentioned it and I think it grew from there.

Year Review 2020

With my portfolio redesign live, some weight was lifted. I had a productive start to the year before, well before you know, the pandemic. I focused on improving my portfolio, some JS-focused CodePen projects and writing.

Colordinates Redesign

With Colordinates fifth birthday, I decided it was time to take another look at the app with fresh eyes and see how I would design and code it today.

Colordinates Turns Five

Colordinates, my web app which gives a colour value based on your geographic location, has turned 5 years old.

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